About Us

The Beginning

The intuitive concept has evolved in its form, but always maintained its core aim of working with CSOs, NGOs, and non-profits to help improve how they communicate. The intuitive concept addresses a core organizational challenge: organizations miss important growth opportunities and entry points into strategic networks because they haven’t committed to establishing and growing a robust communications culture.


The Challenge (learn more) was a pilot project implemented in Cameroon that attempted to address this core challenge. It was highly experimental. It was fun and crude. It had potential.


The project was launched out of a regional NGO / CSO network – itself an ideal platform to reach a wide group of organizations, while at the same time offering its [paying] members a unique service [that helped justify fees]. About 20 local NGOs participated in the pilot.  


We planned, failed, succeeded, tried again. But ultimately we learned, and the seed had been planted:


  • What if this same concept could be scaled up to a fully automated system, launched globally?
  • What if we could offer an online service that extended beyond just networking and information sharing, instead "reaching into" an organization and positively impacting how it communicates?
  • What if we could be part of a fundamental shift in how the grassroots development community approaches communications? 



Who We Are

We are a group that got tired of asking what if.  


From a modest pilot launched amongst a small group of NGOs tucked away in the Northwest corner of an inconspicuous African country, it began. And here we are on the verge of a fully automated platform that engages organizations and people across the globe. That’s pretty damn exciting.   


It’s also pretty daunting.


That original vision -- the commitment to applying new approaches to old problems -- has undoubtedly been tested since. It's been worn down by the realities of working in a deeply flawed industry; blurred by the constant battle against comfort and complacency.


More than ever, though, the commitment to try things just a little differently is stronger than ever.


This is who we are. Join us…


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