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Dare Africa is a campaign for change and a challenge for every young woman and girl in Africa to dare to dream, lead and create extraordinary impact in her life and community. We are creating opportunities for young women to be inspired, empowered and equipped to lead change; celebrating women of excellence and promoting innovation among girls and empowering girls to make informed Sexual and Reproductive Health choices.

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We help people understand better the impacts of negative environmental practices.

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AGGEM Cameroon in 2009 as self-motivated group of individuals and community based organizations dedicated to influencing policies aimed at safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable development. AGGEM’s mission is to engage with households, community groups and businesses and harnessing their potentials to build sustainable communities. Focus of AGGEM’s work is on self-help, community driven interventions for greater environmental stewardship, job creation and youth entrepreneurship. We initiate and take the lead in processes that enhance good governance through collaboration and building of synergies with other development partners locally, nationally and internationally that contribute to the sustainable development. AGGEM Cameroon is legally registered not-for-profit Association under the Cameroon Law of Associations, reference. No. 71/E.29/Vol.8/APPB.

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We are a new online platform to help CSOs and NGOs improve how they communicate. Let us know how we can help (

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