Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print

As communications people we generally like to avoid all things legalish. But the nature of the site requires some conditions around using and managing it. Nothing serious, just please understand that:


  • intuitive civil society (herein intuitiveCS) is not responsible for verifying the content of the claims made by any of its member. Each member, by submitting a claim, acknowledges that it is solely responsible for all data and other information cited within its materials.


  • It is the responsibility of any outside entity seeking to partner, fund, or otherwise engage with an intuitive member to do its research. All such engagements outside of the intuitive platform are the responsibility of the two parties, unless otherwise formalized by intuitiveCS.


  • As part of posting material to the site, each member acknowledges that intuitiveCS may use such material -- with full credit given to the organization -- to advertise the intuitive platform. In some instances, communications products posted for verification can be made privately, in which case the information will not be shared publicly.


  • All scoring and ranking of members will be conducted in the most fair and transparent manner possible. Even so, this is a new site developing a new approach to organizational development. There likely will be scenarios in which members need further clarification on scoring procedures or decisions. In such instances, intuitiveCS will make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Further, intuitiveCS is here to learn from these scenarios and is committed to adjusting its methodology and policies to reflect these lessons. 


  • intuiticeCS has the right to restrict any organization it believes is abusing the system or not taking the spirit and regulation of the site seriously. intuitiveCS has developed guidelines for how it makes decisions on restricting organizations (availble shortly). 


  • intuitiveCS is not a funder. We don't give money to complete communications activities. All expenses incurred as part of a member's communications activities are the responsibility of the member. 


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